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Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments R Us

 Our Path to You

We are Richard and Heather, and we have made it our dream to become part of the memorable moments of your life.

Richard has a 20+ year history working in film replication, video and movie conversion into digital form as well as event videography prior to making Idaho his home in 2009.

I have always found my joy in helping people make their dreams come true, whether it was in the mortgage business or construction business.  In 2002 I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to tap into my creative streak with design and assisting people to make their inner vision a reality, and I found my passion.

As so often happens, while in the midst of a heartbreaking time in our lives, our new dream was born.  Richard attended the memorial service of a dear friend who was quickly and unexpectedly taken by cancer.  His beautiful wife wanted to celebrate the life they had shared, and had a photo booth at the Celebration of Life services to capture the love that had surrounded her husband.  To say it was a pivotal moment in his and mine life is an understatement.

From that day, the search was underway to discover how we could bring our own photo booth to our home in Idaho, and within a couple of months our dream began!

The opportunity to capture the laughter, giggles and smiles at those treasured moments of someone’s life is a gift for us.  Whether it’s the witnessing of a new marriage, the celebration of a birthday, the honoring of a cherished person’s life, each and every celebration and occasion is an opportunity to take a snapshot that people will carry away with them as a treasured memory.

Thank you for allowing us to share in these moments with you and yours!  Our neverending mission is to help make those moments memorable.

Richard & Heather

Memorable Moments R Us

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